Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Fog beginning to rise!!

I am hopeful today that the fog that I have been in almost a week is beginning to rise. Not sure if it is wishful thinking or if things are starting to turn around.

Yesterday my husband drove me to see my surgeon and I was able to keep my head up and look out the window with out getting nauseated. Is that progress? At this point I will take what ever relief I can get. The appointment went well but I continue to collect fluid in the left hip. Of course out came the big needle and inserted into the hip, thank goodness the hip is still pretty numb because it causes no pain. Since I had not seen him for almost a week there was quite a bit of fluid build up, 80 cc. He recommend that I fold up a hand towel and add additional pressure to that hip. The skin has not yet adhered like it needs to. I am scheduled to see him again on Wednesday.

As far as the vertigo, I am hopeful that things are improving. Yesterday I still felt like I was under a fog, the only way that I could described it is if anyone has taken Vicodin or any other narcotic it is the foggy feeling you get after taking it. I had that feeling most of the day. I still am struggling with my balance and I still need Paul's arm while walking. I was able to read a book last night so I felt like that was progress. It just looks like the progress with be slow but I am keep my head up and hopeful that it will get better by the end of the week. I still also have a feeling in the left ear like I have water or something in it. All I can say is after this passes I will have appreciation for the inner ear.

These past three weeks have bought both challenges and blessings. I believe had this not happened that I would not have had the opportunity to see all the wonderful people I have around me and all that I have truly been blessed with in my life. We take so much for granted. I know this experience will provide me with compassion for others going threw challenges in their lives. This experience has made me a better person.

I know once the Fog is gone that I will be able to jump back into my life and regain my strength and my food plan. Today I decided that I would begin with the eating plan I am going to attempt to get back on my game. I have put on about 10 to 15 pounds since the surgery. I know I am still retaining some water but I do not want that to be an excuse to not getting back into a healthy eating plan.

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Roxanne said...

Hey Kathi -

Wow. It had been a while since I stopped by your blog and man you have been through such rougth time! I'm so sorry. It sounds like things are starting to get better though I hope that this is the end of the bumps in the road for you and you are in for smooth sailing here on out!

Hang in there baby!