Monday, March 2, 2009

Almost Two weeks out!

I am close to two weeks out from surgery and I am feeling really good. I saw my doctor today and there continue to be a build up of fluid in the left hip area. I was poked with a needle so that he could extracted blood. He was able to get about 60 cc out. Not to bad since it was Friday that the drain was removed. I was a little concerned of how painful it was going to be having a needle jabbed in my hip. But I have not admit it was not painful at all. The incision continues to heal nicely and Paul continues to apply a product the doctor gave me to put on the incision. I got the ok to go back to work and plan on training my client tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting back to my life. I will see how it goes. I have strict orders not to be demonstrating or lifting any of the weight for my clients. I believe I have about two week of this before I can gradually start doing more. I am schedule to see the doctor again on Wednesday.
I also mentioned to the doctor that I jumped on the scale and was disturbed by the number. His first question was "Why did you jump on the scale?" It is what I do it the only way sometimes I feel like I have control of my weight. But I guess the truth came out when I admitted that I had been eating my share of chocolate. He also reassured me that a lot of the weight is from fluid . My response was, "That much?" He said there is quite a bit of fluid in the cells in the body and they swell and retain fluid. Not sure if I was happy he said that or not. But I have to keep it all in perspective this does not give me to go code to eat crap. I need to continue to focus on providing my body with good quality food that it needs to heal. And for those chocolates? Well I finished those yesterday and don't plan on having anymore come back into the house for awhile.

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