Wednesday, March 25, 2009

At the cross roads

Good Morning!! Happy Hump Day!!
If any of you truly know me, you know I am a all or nothing kind of girl. This has been a blessing and a curse at times. I continue to attempt to find some kind of peace around my eating. But is that do able for me? I have put on a few pounds and that frightens the hell out of me. My initial response is I am headed back to my "fat"days. And I truly believe that the beast in me lurks right around the corner waiting for the opportunity to strike, i.e. where that fear comes from.
I do have the ability and the drive to slay that beast each and every time it appears. I guess it frustrates me that it even has to appear at all. This is the cards I have been dealt and now I truly have to come to some realization over it. I guess I feel I am at a crossroads right now. Do I want to continue on the road that I am currently on, doing the low carb diet and very restrictive, which has work so nicely to get the weight off but has cause some binge issues. Or do I attempt to try another road, add more variety which would include whole grain, fruits and more vegetables. It may sounds like an easy choice to most but it has been a very difficult decision for me. So here I sit at the cross roads figuring out which way to go? How do I decided?


gale said...

Kathi, you've done such a great job of maintaining your weight. There is no one right way to go towards your goals. That gives you the freedom to choose what feels right to you...and to change your mind if you feel like it, based on the results you're getting. I know you'll find the answers you're looking for...and you have my full support on whatever you chose to do! I'm here cheering you on!! :)

Linda said...

You've come so far and look at what you've accomplished. This will pass and you'll be back to your routine. I know it's hard!

I know it's hard to find the right balance of nutrition to manage weight. Maybe incorporate a few servings of fruit or whole grains like oatmeal early in the day and see how it goes. And you can't go wrong with veggies!

I have to watch my carbs but I find that I can't restrict too much...I don't feel good and that's my body telling me what I need. Plus you need some carbs for energy and mood (at least I do!...LOL!). You will find the right balance!

Vanessa's Fitness Model and Figure Journey said...

Hi kathy,

Thanks for reading my blog :)

As for your question, thanks for pointing out my mistake on my recipe list, I have fixed it now ;)

Yes the Chocolate banana macadamia muffins don't use carrots, in place in the banana.