Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back Training!

I finally got the nerve to ask my trainer if he would consider training eventhough the vertigo is not completely resolved. He said "YES". I had my first session yesterday and it went well. I think he was getting the feel of where I was with my stability with the vertigo and with my strength since it has been almost 5 weeks since I lifted with him. I am not sore so that is a good thing and I felt that my stability was good. I train with him again today. We will focus on back today and a little leg work. I am not going to go full force with the legs until it has been six weeks out from my surgery. I had spoken with my surgeon about that and he said that nothing bad would happen but if I wanted that incision line to be a fine line that I should wait six weeks. Since I am almost there I thought I would be better off waiting. So one more week to go.
I now focus on getting my weight back down as well. Although it isn't terrible its not any where near where I like it. I weighted in at the gym at 159. I think when I left the gym for my surgery I was 153-154. I have a little weight to lose. I would like to attempt to get to 149 again so we will see how that goes. I need to start getting to the gym to up the cardio and I think I will run over there this morning. Was going to wait and do it after I train with him this afternoon but not sure I want to be getting home with the work traffic plus it will get me out of the house.
I promise I will get those pictures posted very soon.

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