Saturday, March 7, 2009

One Step forward Two steps back

It has been quite a few days since I posted and I have much to inform everyone on now where to begin?
Well as of the last post I was heading back to the gym to train my clients and I was eager to get
"back" into my life. I started my Tuesday morning early and got to the gym it was great to see my client and she had a great work out. But during the training session I was not feeling right. I and small episodes of feeling like I was going to pass out. Thinking maybe I just over did it or didn't quite have enough to eat I went out with my day. After training I planned to meet some girls for breakfast and headed out the door. I had several more episodes of the passing out feeling on my way to breakfast that freaked me out since I was behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. I ended up getting to the restaurant and order Orange Juice right away thinking it was low blood sugar. I visited with the girl but the meal didn't seem to help with the symptoms. I headed back to the gym since I had a new possible client I needed to meet. After meeting with her I went home not feeling the best. I ended up calling my surgeon thinking it had something to do with the surgery. He suggested drinking Gatorade and plenty of fluids thinking maybe my electrolytes where out of balance.
I woke up Wednesday morning feeling normal and had a great morning. I made my sons birthday cake, visit with girls at another place I worked out with and went with my husband to pick out a birthday gift for my son. I then had lunch and went to my surgeon for my check up. He ended up taking 30cc out of the left hip and all was good. We were talking and I began yet again with the "spells". I drove home, which was again a little frightening and frantically drank water thinking I wasn't getting enough fluid. I got home and drank a Gatorade. As we prepared and had my sons birthday dinner I began to feel worse. After dinner I headed to bed thinking maybe I was getting the fluid because I had this hazy feeling and a little nauseated. I layed down and feel asleep. I got up to go to the bathroom and the room was spinning and the nausea was terrible. I some how made it to the bathroom but ended up laying on the bathroom floor not knowing if I was going to vomit. I lay there for awhile and then litterly crawled to the bedroom door and called for my husband. He same to find me laying on the bedroom floor. I told him I was not feeling well and the room was spinning could he help me to bed. I still didn't think anything of it and thought I just had some bug. I got into bed and husband gave me a vomit bucket just in case. I text my client to say that I was not going to train her and went to bed. I slept well that night and in the morning I still continued to have a LOT of dizziness and nausea. It seemed to be better when I was lying flat. My husband came to my side with the lap top and start researching what might be going on. We both decided that it would be best if I made an appointment to see my regular doctor. We gave her a call and they fit me in to see her that morning. It was difficult for me to get from upstairs to downstairs to get to the car. I did it in stages. First downstairs, rest, get shoes on, rest, get up to the car, rest. The whole time
feeling very dizzy and nauseated. The only way I could handle the car ride was to have my head down in my hand with my eyes closed. Paul ended up getting a wheel car to get me into the doctors office there was no way that I was able to walk into the office. I continue to keep my head down and eyes closed. They got me into the doctor quite quickly. After taking my vitals I waited for the doctor. She was in the room quite quickly and her look of concern for me some how comforted me knowing some one was going to take care of me. I explained what was going on and she proceed to look at my incision to make sure there was no signs of infection. She said the scar looked beautiful. She was very concerned because my blood pressure was quite low when I got to her office, 80/60. I was not confident in that number since the nurse had taken my blood pressure with my fleece coat on. I explained that to her and asked if she could take it again. Lying down it was 115/66 I was feeling better about that number. She then asked if I could sit up and take it again. It was difficult to sit up but I was able to do it. The blood pressure went down to 100/60. The look of concern in her face worried me. She explained that she was concerned for me being that I was normally healthy women to be in this type of condition. She felt that it was necessary that I go to the hospital. Of course my initial reaction was I can't go to the hospital my husband isn't working and we don't have the best health insurance right now. We can't afford this. But I decided letting go of the control. I told her that she was the doctor and that what ever she felt was in my best interested I would do. So I would be admitted to the hospital for 23 hours observation. The admitting diagnosis was hypo tension with vertigo. My initial reaction was that I was dehydrated and that what was causing all this.
So off to the hospital we went. I got to the hospital and had to go to admitting. I figured since the doctor called ahead that it would be no time that I would be settled in a bed. You have to remember it was VERY difficult for me to be in a seated position with the dizziness and nauseated. So there we sat my husband as we waited to buzz us. As the time went on and the longer I sat the more frustrated and angry I got. I could hear people around me being buzzed and helped. I was sick, dizzy and thirsty. I just wanted to lay down. I began having a lot of verbal frustration being spoken. My husband poor guy comforted me the best he can. After what seem hours I was buzzed, registered and brought to my room . I had sat over an hour waiting for a room.. Ridiculous!! Then the long day began.
After the initial assessment from the nurse it seems like several hours before I received my IV fluids. You have to remember I figured I was just dehydrated and I need fluids. I figured once I got the IV fluids that I would begin to feel better and be able to go home the next day. It took several hours before the IV fluids were started which again was very frustrating. Then begin the blood work and tests. They began with a blood draw the first one was for basic blood panel (CBC, complete blood count). This would tell them if I had low blood count, dehydrated, infection, etc. The attending doctor came to ask me question, look at my incision and give me a small exam. After she left I was informed by the nurse that the doctor had ordered a CT scan. Of course my initial reaction was based on our current financial situation, I don't want this do I need it. I thought I was just dehydrated. I began to panic that something was seriously wrong with me . I agreed to the test. Paul left to go home, check on the kids and get something to eat he would be back later. I kissed him good by and went down for the test. I arrived back in my room ate what they called food, (It was terrible) and rested. Paul returned and waited. I was not feeling any better with the fluids and my anxiety about what was wrong with me began to rise. At about 9:00 pm the nurse came to me saying the doctor ordered an MRI and I would be going down at 9:30. I agreed and Paul kissed me good by and left for the night. I began to pray a lot asking God to watch over me and keep me safe. The emotions were beginning to rise and it took everything I had to keep it together. I had the MRI and was back into my room at 10:30 pm. I was exhausted it was a long day and I wanted to rest. The room mate that I had was gone and I was looking forward to a nice quiet night of sleep. If any of you have been in a hospital that is almost impossible. I was resting nicely and close to sleep when at 11:15 a person came to get blood the doctor had order a cardiac enzyme test. I felt saying can I just f****** sleep!! He took the blood and I asked if he could close the door behind him. Finally sleep!! I feel asleep quickly but to be woken up at 12:00 by the night nurse to take my vitals and to give me a sleeping pill I had requested earlier. I took the pill and back to sleep I went. I was sleeping SO good to be woken up yet again by a room mate that was wheeled into the room at 3:15 am. You have to be kidding me.... Not sure at what point I feel back asleep but was woken up again at 6:00 by yet another blood draw, this one for thyroid and B12 levels. At this point I stayed awake order breakfast and waited. At this point my emotions were at full force and I could no longer control them. I began to cry and cry a lot. I was scared, frightened and alone. What was wrong with me? I am the healthiest I have been in my life it had to be something really bad! I continue to prayer to God for the strength I needed. The neurologist came in around 9:30 and did a short exam on me. She explained that all the test came back normal. I cried again I was so releaved to hear the news that I didn't have a brain tumor or something very bad!! They decided that I had something called Benign Positional Vertigo. There was no real known cause for it and that it normally would resolve anywhere from two days to 2 weeks. It was the best news I heard all day. Paul arrived about 10:15 and we waited yet again. The intern doctor would need to see me before I could be released. So we waited, and waited and waited. At this point I just wanted to go home to my bed so that I could get the rest I needed. The doctor did not show about until about 1:30. Explained all the result and that some occupational therapist would be by to show me some exercise that I needed to do at home. I requested that I wanted to go home and to get the paper work going. It sounded like they wanted me to stay but I felt I could get better care and rest at home. I was shown the exercised I needed to do, got dressed and was finally going home.
Paul asked on the way home what was the first thing I wanted to do. I said I NEED a shower. I got home and he helped me shower and get nice clean PJ's on. I crawled into bed and slept. There is NO place like home! I slept for several hours. Paul assisted me downstairs had some dinner, I was STARVING!! No diet here I ate whatever I wanted. After being up for awhile and visted my kids I went to bed for much needed rest.

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