Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ready for some "FOOTBALL?"

We arrived home from the football game around 5:30 last night. I was hot sweaty and glad to be home. Of course I didn't sit down I got busy right away. I chopped salad and cabbage for dinner. For dinner I had two of these:
"In a Jiffy Spelt veggie burgers" I just love these and I like having a supply in the freezer at all times. I had two of them both put one slice of ezekiel bread with homemade tomato paste and spinach, YUM! I also had a big side salad. I cooked up some cabbage but decided not to eat it and save it for another day. I am really trying to focus more on veggies as my main stable for dinners and everything else a smaller side. I had to share what I made Friday night for dinner.
I made a delicious homemade pizza. I threw the ingredients for the pizza dough in my bread maker and let it do the work. This crust turns out fabulous and I love the fact that I just put it in the machine and let it go.

I topped it with a little olive oil with crushed garlic, fresh sliced plum tomatoes, basil and mozzarella.

Fabulous. I packed up a few cold pieces for a quick lunch at the football game. I love cold pizza. Of course I fed the "meat" eater a italian sausage pizza. He was quite delighted. Still trying to find our happy medium for the meater eater and nonmeater.
Are you ready for some football?

Our son is number 73. We lovedfootball and we were eager to see how the team was going to do this year. They have a whole new coaching staff. This is our sons first year of eligibility as a sophomore at Truman State University. We were thrilled to hear that he was able to be a part of the traveling team and conventionally the first game was a short two hours from our home.
Although he did not see any playing time today it was great to be able to spend a little time with him after the game and it is always great to see him suited up. They looked pretty good but definately have some things to work on. They ended up winning the game 23 -13.
I decided to take the weekend off from any formal exercise. I can't rememeber the last time I took some major down time. Have you every taken a few days off from exercise? Did you feel guilty about it? Was it difficult to get back in the swing after taking a few days off? I am really trying to focus on listening to my body and being ok "relaxing" a little.


Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

I love homemade veggie burgers! I gotta give Angela's a try!

Yum to that pizza!

Brit-Man said...

I don't really get that problem to be honest.

I know when I am meant to do it, then I do it. It almost always happens.

Unless there was an important football, (soccer), match on the TV, then I'd sideline it,

I just recognise the importance of what I'm doing, then just do it.

You must do what you feel is right and not worry abotu it.

I it gets to the point where something like that, feels a bit stressful or worrying sometimes and it can be avoided, then just take 2 or 3 days off and you'll be bakc to having a better mindset about it probably.

Good luck and best wishes.

:-) :-).