Friday, August 13, 2010


Have you ever had emotions so deep that it difficult to show them and when they appear they are fierce? I had that this morning. I am a very emotional /sensitive person but you would never know it. I hold a great steel armour around myself to protect me. This armour has not served me well. But it is one that is difficult to shed.
Something happen yesterday, that I will not go into, that aroused these emotions inside of me. It was so powerful that it scared me and I didn't know what to do with. Of course there was a lot of crying on the way to work and a few texts search for someone that might be awake at 7:00 am to lend a listening ear.
These emotions only caused me to eat quite a bit when I finally returned home. I know this and have much work to fix the emotional scar so deeply embedded inside of me. Could I beat myself up about the food I ate? Sure but it will not serve me well with all the pain I am feeling. I have gained control of the eating but now I must be kind to myself and learned to calm the pain inside of me. Until I do that I will never truly be free.


Brit-Man said...

I will be in touch. No worries okay :-) :-).


Debi said...

I hope you find peace & solice in your journey with your emotions. I'm here if you need anything - HUGS