Monday, September 28, 2009

I want it and I want it yesterday!!

How often have we wanted something and didn't want to wait to get it? Anything from a new dress, new book and even a new body. We start a new diet and exercise plan and want to lose all the weight that has taken months or even years to accumulate with in days. We feel that we have made great sacrifices and wonder why our bodies are not responding. Within weeks of not getting the results we feel we deserve we are on the hunt looking for a better plan, because of course its the plan that is not working. Seldom do we want to admit or even look at our part in the equation.
You may ask, "What part could I be playing? I am following the plan a 100% there isn't anything to look at." One part that we tend to forget, and one most important, is our mental thought. The things we think about ourselves. We place such high expectations on ourselves no wonder we get discouraged so quickly. I ask what would happen if you accept yourself as you are at this moment? Begin to love yourself as you are. Turn all the negative talk to loving talk. This can be as simple as find one thing you love about yourself. Acknowledge all the wonderful thing about you. Begin to turn your focus on all the good you possess.
Once you turn your focus you can begin to just enjoy the process. Work on making every workout count and making every meal enjoyable with fresh clean foods. Focus on correct form and challenge your body with each work out. Research and find new food to incorporate to your diet and new recipes to try.
Results come from consistent loving work both physically and mentally. Once these are achieved the rewards will be limitless!!


Brit-Man said...

That is true. The thing I sometimes say on messageboards is, you can't have the physical, if the mental and emotional aren't right.

Theer is a symbiosis with all three. To succeed, with one, the other two must be at least equal if not greater, percentage wise, in the equation.

You just need to keep believing in what you are able to do, and trust in your two biggest guides, your head and Heart, to help you keep your inner self, a potent force of the symbiotic relationship with your physical needs and efforts.

You DO have that belief and that inner strenght to keep going. I know it, I'm sure deep down you know it too.

The power of YOU is incredible, so don't forget that.


:-) :-).


Amy said...

Great Blog Kathi! You're so right on here! My role... i tend to take 10 steps forward, & 2 steps back & then I have to evaluate as you have stated here, keep on believing & keep myself pyched for the changes ahead of me. :D

CathyC said...

OMG is that you-just
F A B U L O U S !!!!