Saturday, September 5, 2009

Smooth Sailing

I am beginning Day 6 of TFF and so far it has been smooth sailing. I still have work to do with my approach but the diet and exercise are going well. I weighed yesterday since that is the "official" weigh in day. I was 148 on my home scale and I was 154 when I started on Sunday.
I have a couple of goals for myself this week, Number One: is to stay of the scale until next Friday. This will be a hard one for me and I find it odd that I can stick to the diet and exercise but staying off the scale is a test of will for me. Number Two: is to enjoy the process and the journey. I tend to be so intense that I am not able to focus on what it is I am trying to do, if that makes sense. So this week my focus will be on form and really squeezing the muscle I am working. And if by doing that I do not get the recommended about of reps so be it. Please continue to remember that this is a process, a journey and it is to be enjoyed to help you grow not only in physique but in mind.
I have my re feed meal tonight, I have some reservations about it and have to admit that I both excited and nervous. I want to focus tonight on just enjoying the food and being with my husband. Since I won't be getting on the scale until next Friday I don't have to have any hidden fears on what the scale will say tomorrow and that will be a blessing.


Brit-Man said...
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Brit-Man said...

Don't worry Kathi. I understand this is a process, and it will take time.

You just need to be patient with yourself, and keep taking each day as it comes.

GOOD LUCK with the potential job, and don't worry about that. If you are good enough to be the one, it will be obvious to those offering the job.

The main things here are to keep taking things day by day, and just keep smiling, and enjoying all you are doing.

You have so much to smile about and be proud of. I hope you continue to keep giving others, the same positive feelings I get, when you speak well of yourself, because I like to see people who deserve so many good things, being given the chances to get them.

You are worth the chances and the happiness you're getting. You've given a lot and now you're getting back what's deserved.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Robert said...

Good luck !