Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Refeed Meal Became Refeed Feast

I have had some time to get over the refeed feast I had this weekend. I still have a lot of mental work to do. I blogged about in on TFF and Kim and I texted a little about it today. She read what I had written and said that I am right where I need to me. Everything I am feeling now is normal and good. How can being bloated like a beach whale be good? I have to continue to remind myself that this is a journey a process and will not always go as "I" want it to do. The best part of it I was able to jump right back into my eating plan on Sunday. I feel SO much better. I thought I would share some of the wonderful eats I had today. I worked out at 10:30 this morning and work out until 11:30. I have to eat 30 minutes after my work out so I came home and made this delicious meal. Whole wheat pasta, chicken, fresh garden tomatoes, garlic and basil. Oh SO yummy!

As many of you know I love ice cream I really do So I have been make my own version these days and am loving it. Protein shake and frozen mixed berries. Fabulous!!

Another one of my favorite things lately is fish I bake in tin foil. Tonight I layered lemons, onion and place the tilipia on top. Drizzled it with olive oil and dill and more lemon and onion . Place it in the oven until done. So moist and fresh. I had it with broccoli and some delicious red quinoa. If you haven't tried it you need to it has a wonderful texture. Great eats today.
I am going to sit and relax and get some motivation from Biggest Loser and will have my snack at 8:30, diced granny smith apple, cottage cheese, splenda, cinnamon topped with ground flaxseed meal.
Keep pushing everyone never give up, stay positive. We all must learn from this journey and become wiser and better peoplebecause of it!!


CathyC said...

Wonderfully said! We have the same food concept, fresh and clean-and sometimes a bit too much but we know how to get back on track and keep on going!

Brit-Man said...

That's true for anyone in situations like yours. Sometimes what you want won't always work out like you intended.

The best thing is to learn from it, to reduce the frequency this happens if possible, and to just move on.

In the main you CAN be proud of yourself and you ARE able ot push on, improve and do what you are trying ot do, so don't let little things like this, spoil the way you keep progressing, and dent your ability to do well.

You ARE doing well and you deserve to be happy with the way you are progressing, and frequently getting small positives to be happy about.

All in all a very good job so far, of moving towards your goals, so relax, take each day as it comes, and dont be hard on yourself, when you don't need to be.

WELL DONE. You ARE making people want to feel happy for you and proud for you as well.

We then become happier because someone we care about, is happier too.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Amy said...

The old eating habits can & do still try creeping thier way back into my days. Ugh! I know now that It will forever be an ongoing battle - which isn't too difficult until I let my guard down or let myself get distracted by other crap. Being home from work for 3 weeks was not the best for my diet, but the beauty is, I can turn those negative shoices around in a heart beat & remind myself of the journey & my goals. :) Have a great weekend, Kathi!

Linda said...

progress not perfection..that's what I've learned. The minute we think a slip is sabbotage the more mental stress we add to the story. you are doing great.