Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Food has RETURNED!

I have done a lot of soul searching the past few weeks and I have begun to make peace with food and my body. Does that mean that I will stop pumping iron in the gym? No Does that mean that I will fill my body with processed crap? No I will love my body and give it good clean food

and exercise daily. This might mean that I may not look like a person that could pose for a fitness magazine and I am ok with that. I have come SO far and I have nothing to be ashamed of.. I have begun to stop beating myself up about trying to be thinner, toner, leaner.... For what? In the end I will always be Kathi a wonderful, loving and caring person that will never change no matter what my outside looks like. I will love my body and myself.

I have realized how much I have missed posting about the wonderful food I have been eating and so it returns.......

I like to pack my lunch for work the night before so this is where I will begin. I had bought some wonderful baby strawberries and blue berries so I made a delicious container of sweetness.

I thought I would try to use up some stuff in the refrigerator so I threw this together for lunch I am excited to see how wonderful it will taste.

Salad contains:
Whole wheat elbow noodles (I thought the husband would eat.. Ya Right?)
green and red pepper
leftover grilled chicken
red onion
goat cheese
1 tablespoon of Baslamic dressing
Clean, fresh....
I look forward to sharing my eats with you. See you in the morning with a delicious breakfast that is sitting in the refrigerator as we speak. Any ideas?


CathyC said...

I too love to get inspired with food. This morning I craved ricotta on my egg whites and cinnamon, and some blueberries on the side...weird but all good!

Brit-Man said...

Kathi, you're honesty is so touching. Trying to change how your body is, is not meant to be a punishment for what happened in the past.

You have to feel in touch with the whole process, otherwise it just makes you miserable.

You CAN be so, so proud of the things you have achieved misses.

You have turned yourself into a beautiful, youthfully mature Lady and you have proven yourself to be a fantastic rolemodel to other females, with your attitude, heart and human touches.

This journey or the continuation of it, has to be about showing yourself some self loving, not self torment.

As long as what you do, feels 100% right and sits easy on your conscience, then you should do it, because you're not embarking on anything unhealthy, illegal or abhorrent in other peoples lives, so do what is best for your health in this situation and don't ever forget the fantastic achievements you have made for your overall health, not just regarding weight.

You have made other people proud of you and proven such a lot ot people and yourself, so GOOD LUCK and don't stop being you, because you're an exceptional Lady.

:-) :-).