Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coming out of the FOG

I have come out of the fog and have found a new perspective and focus. It feels so freeing! I had a HUGE revelation about a week ago and it has change my whole perspective on eating, food and exercise. I can't thank my wonderful husband for being my rock and helping me see this and began to start working on it.

My thinking about food, exercise and diet is very distorted and I have finally come to realize that I no longer want to be in this cage any longer. I am reading a wonderful book that was suggest by a great friend (Thanks Kim!) Life Inside the "Thin" cage. Anyone who could classify themselves as a "Chronic dieter" may find this book eye opening as it has for me. I have also been working with a book called the Appetite Awareness so that I can begin to start listening to my body and its message to eat and to stop. I know this will is a journey and a processs but I can not tell you how at peace I am beginning to feel. I still have my struggles i.e. over indulging, feeling guilty, fasting to make up for it. But I now know this is not loving myself this is not taking care of myself. I am more than my external self I am a loving, caring and wonderful person who no longer has to be in this "thin cage" that society has made me feel I need to live in. I am ready to start living.

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Brit-Man said...

You CAN be anything you want to be. You just need to remember how far you have come, because you CAN be so proud of yourself.


:-) :-).