Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I still continue to struggle wit this word: Patience. As you know I blogged about the injury I have to my upper hamstring. I was good all weekend and did not push it. Of course I figure two days of rest it should be better, right? Running = Bad Idea. I guess I have to learn the hard way. So I am back to walking/power walking and I told myself "NO more running this week."
I guess it is hard for me to look at the heart rate and calories burned. Normally when I run/walk I can burn up to 500 calories and my heart rate can get up to as high as 150-160. Walking/power walking I am lucky if I burn 300 calories and my heart rate might get to 120 if I am lucky. But I must throw all that to the side for now and do what is best for my body to heal. I really am trying to stay in that mind set.
Tony was kind enough to put in all in percept for me. I ask him why don't I listen? He suggested maybe I struggle with the thought that if I don't do it I am a failure. That hit a big cord for me. He said that in order to move forward, sometimes we must adapt and this a true victory not failure. There is a world of difference between "adpating" and rising above from failure. This is the mark of a champion. I must see the difference because it is needed to endure. I was so happy that I reached out to him that he continue to have such power response that really get me thinking. His methods so far have been priceless to me.
I continue to follow his plan a 100% and am excited about the changes to come.
So I continue with PATIENCE!!

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Brit-Man said...

Don't worry, you're doing a GREAT job.