Sunday, March 7, 2010


Sometimes you are truly tested on your goals and today was one of them. It was so difficult to stay strong but I perserved. I have one more obstacle to get through, tonights dinner and I think I will be ok.
Since it was my husbands and my sons birthday I decided to make a cake. Let me say it was difficult to not want to takste the homemade buttercream frosting. There were many times during the process that I just wanted to shove it into my mouth. How I did it is beyond me.
There were times when I told myself it was ok just have some but another part of me said but you have gone almost 4 weeks staying on your plan why blow it now.
Does it ever get easier? Is this how I want to eat the rest of my life? I have so many questions but some times don't know if I have the answers or at least not yet.
I have signed on with another online trainer and have been with him now for almost 4 weeks. I haven't lost a lot of weight and that pisses me off to say the least. But I am not sure what I am expecting. Did I think it was going to be easy to get to my "Dream Body"? Did I think I was going to follow the plan for a few weeks and it was going to magically appear?
It takes work, it takes patience, it take committment and discipline. I feel like I have come very close many times to a body that I can be happy with but just haven't quite gotten there. Will this be my time? Will I push it to the limit and obtain it?
All these question go through my mind all the time. I think I must learn the hardest lesson of all, patience... I must and have to be patient. This is something I am not good at but one that I must learn if I want to complete this and attain my very best.


Brit-Man said...

Chin up and keep pushing yeah.

I'll be in touch.

:-) :-).


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Tina said...

So where in the U.P. are you from? I was born on the western edge Wakefield... most of my family is there, when I was 12 we moved to Marquette. I really love Marquette, it's soooooo beautiful... but the weather is tough. Where do you live now? I live in Madison WI, lots of sunshine here and I love that. I'm looking forward to reading your blog. I would love to chat some time... and don't give up on your journey with Tony... He's really busy... but he'll make time for you... talk to him, talk to Sarabeth... I'm here... stay strong... Dreambodies really is a good program. Curious how you found Tony? Send me an e-mail I'd love to learn more... And if you need quick HELP I get my e-mail on my phone and if I'm not at work I will respond... I'm passionate about this stuff. AND wow you are such an inspiration already :) Very beautiful too!