Friday, December 18, 2009

Lost My Groove!!

I have to say that I am totally out of my groove. I think it is a combination of the stress of a second job and the holidays! I have put on a good seven pounds and am not feeling good about it. But I have yet to do anything about it. I wanted to hide and pretend this is not happening. I must now making a decision on what I want to do next.
Anyone else lost their groove? How do you get it back?


Kelly said...

Sorry about your groove. It makes you feel any better, I showed your before and after picture to my husband and he kept saying, "Oh my God! Oh my God! That ddoesn't even look like the same person." LOL

Hang in there. You'll get your groove back. :)

Raechelle said...

Groove loss is normal...just part of life! Maybe pop some really fab tunes onto your ipod and hit the treadmill-or go for a jog or walk...gotta be tunes that make you feel like dancin'!
Works for me anyway.. :-)
It'll come back-pretty much always does!
I don't think I've commented here before-just thought I'd say well done on your achievements! Good for you!