Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Waiting is the "HARDEST" part

For some reason I thought that actually putting the house for sale would be the hardest part but I have to know believe that the waiting is. I some how feel like my life is on hold.
The house has to be picked up at all times and how do you really make any long term plans? I have been investigating taking a Nursing Refresher Course and they have one that starts up in August in Illinois. Just not sure where we will be in August. The big dilema is do I sign up for it anyway? I looked at Google and to drive to the school from wisconsin would be a little over an hour which I guess isn't too bad. The classes are only two days a week and only last until December. So at the moment I am leaning on just signing up and seeing what happens.
We have had about eight showing since putting the house for sale and have another one schedule for this week. So considering how the house market has been I find that very positive. Unfortunately, we haven't find the right family for our home or they haven't found our home.
I continue to try to stay postive and look forward to the day that my husband and I will be back to a normal life together.


Brit-Man said...

If the course is something you know will be good for you and is something you can 100% commit to and be 100% happy committing to, then you should do it :-).

As for the house sale, try not to worry too much and just keep believing that it will and can work out for you.

As long as ou know you are doing everything that is right to make the sale go through, that is what matters most where that is concerned, you can only do so much and then it's up to other people to recognise why it would suit them to live there.

You still need to be doing what is best regards your career wants and your wellbeing too, so don't stop believing in the best outcome(s), for you and stop believing in yourself either, because you DO have a lot of positive qualities and you need to keep reminding yourself of that.

GOOD LUCK asnd best wishes.

:-) :-).


Sheri said...

Kathi - call and explain your situation to the school and see if they would return your money should you sign up, but have to cx before the class starts. That way you at least have an out. I surely hope your home sells before August, but this way you'd be covered. And should you decide to drive from Wisconsin anyway, you're already signed up for the class! It's a win win then.
Eight showings in less than a month is really good right now! It's just barely spring and that is when people are home buying! I'll keep praying for you and you keep a positive attitude! =)