Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day and Progress Pictures

This was picture was taken on April 3 and I weighed 150 pounds.
This picture was taken today on 5/9 and I weighed in at 145 pounds. So I have lost another five pounds. I continue to make progress but as you can see the legs continue to hold on to the fat. Sigh.... But I do see a small change and the skin does look slightly tighter but I knew this part was going to take time. My upper body is coming together nicely and I have heard from others that between month 3 and 4 they saw great changes and I am hoping for the same for me.
I have upped the amount of veggies I have been eating just to keep me full and satisfied. Thanks to April I cooked up some cabbage and loved it so I will probably be adding that to my go to veggies. I do love them and it has not been a bad thing for me. I do have my moment when I long for a banana or some peanut butter but I continue to remind myself how long I have sustained from all these things and I far I have how far I have come and do I want to give it all up now for that. So I continue to hold strong.
I order myself a new collection of clothes from a girl name "Wendy" that Kelly O blogged about not to long ago. They should be coming this week and I am so excited. I am not clothes shopper and I have no idea how to put clothes together this was a great solution for me. I will take some picture of me in some of the new outfits to show you. It all still seems so unreal to me because when she asked me what size I was I wasn't sure and when I looked at a pair of pants that a friend had given me I saw that they were a size 6. A 6? I could hard put my mind around it and to say that I could wear a size Small shirt. It was almost to much for me. I still have this fear that the clothes will arrive and that they will be to small for me. I still have a lot of mental work to do to really comprehend all that I have achieved. There are moment that I cry with happiness for all that I have able to do and take great pride in it. But yet I still have moments when I see still how far I have yet to go. Today I choose to hold joy in all that I have achieved.
Stay tuned for the pictures of some of the new clothes!
Happy Mothers Day to all!


Anonymous said...

Another 5 lbs...that's all? LOL! That's the hardest thing to lose!

You are doing great! Don't worry, that banana and PB will come but then you will be afraid to eat it. HA!

Your arms look incredible! That's where I hold my chub..blah.

Tina said...

Happy Mothers Day Kathi!!!!!! I got your e-mail and the one yesterday I replied to but haven't finished but I will finish in a sec and send. I say a whole lot more in my e-mail... which I wish I had sent this morning... it was about all these feelings. First I want to say WOW... look at your transformation happening :) :) Also I want to stress if I haven't already... you do not see the progress you are making even when you look at your pictures in many ways you still see the person you were because you still feel like the same person... kind of like too when we are putting on a ton of weight we never really see all that weight.... we have a stagnant vision of ourselves. Stay focused on the fact that this is a process... it can't happen overnight because just look even now your mind has not caught up with your body. You look great, you wear smalls and a size 6 and just think of what that says for your health. When I looked at my harley pics I did not ever see how skinny I was... I still saw a fat girl... I could still see all of my imperfections... now I can look at them and think that was a bit to skinny for my liking... and I can see how damn great I looked... it took 2 years to get to that point where I could see them for what they were. Stay strong and focused... this is for life... for health... and you'll be able to have PB and Bananas soon in moderation. WOW WOW WOW!!!! BTW so much more to say in my e-mail!

Brit-Man said...

I'll be in touch. Chin up and no worries okay.

:-) :-).


Nancyb. said...

You are one strong women. hang in there, continue to be grateful and workout hard! You are making it!!!