Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bacon and Babies

I have tried SO many wonderful food slately and I apologize for not sharing it with you. But I have had this several times and finally took the time to take a picture to show you.

Eggplant bacon, who knew. When I ate animal product I would have never know anything like this even existed. It took me a while to get it just right and tonight I think I perfected.
Tonight I decided to cut it up and put it on a salad The salad included: romaine, red pepper, broccoli, shredded carrots, eggplant bacon, onion and tofu.

The dressing was from the appetite for reduction. It contained: cashews, miso, water, lemon juice, soy, capers, shallots , salt and pepper. This is a wonderful dressing and I have used it quite a bit the last few days. Another favorite way I use the dressing is to top my brown rice, tofu and steamed kale all mixed together with the dressing. Oh so good!

The babies were born! It was last week when my son was here. He took a peak in the basket and pulled away quickly. It was quite a site to see since my son is a 6' 4" football player. After he knew they were born he took a peak out the window quite often. I enjoyed the experience with him.

It was much easier to take these pictures when they were younger. I have to admit I am terrified of birds and have not been brave enough to go out there and look. The mom and dad birds are quite protective.

I tried to take the dog out there with me and I wore a hood and sun glasses and still did not have success taking a picture today. But they are growing quite quickly.

I have learned a lot about the birds by reading online. Hard to believe that they will be out of the nest in little over a week. If I get brave and get a more recent picture I will definately post it.

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