Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Lunch Box and Cycling Class

Here is a picture of my "New" lunch box I got for Christmas. I just love it and it helps so much keeping my portions in control. Tomorrow for lunch I will have brown rice topped with black beans and salsa. Snack will be cottage cheese and a cut up apple.

Well I took the plunge and joined LA Fitness. I have heard a lot about cycling classes and I thought I would give it a go. Wow! I was sweating up a storm and I think I could have even pushed it a little bit harder. I didn't go all out because I knew it was an hour class and I had no idea how I was going to be able to handle it. I really like it and it was very challenging right up my alley. This could be a regular Sunday things for me.

I had difficult with my eating yesterday but I am back on track today. Last night I got my notebook out and wrote down all my meals for the whole week. This is very time consuming but it helps SO much. I wrote all the meals and then made up a grocery list and hubby and I got the groceries. What do they say, "Fail to plan, Plan to fail"

I am looking forward to my new week at the new gym and changing things up. I think it is exactly what I need. I have schedule a free personal training session for Wednesday night. I wish so much that I could have a personal trainer again and I am hoping when things change around for us that I can. So I will probably do upper body tomorrow since I took the cycling class today, want to give my legs some rest. I will do cardio on Tuesday and then Wednesday I will have the session with the trainer.

Off to make my dinner: Taco Salad.....


Brit-Man said...

That's good to see that you're getting things on track.

One thing I would say is, perhaps consider substituting, Cottage Cheese for Low Fat Cheese, just because Low Fat has a better Unsaturate Fat content and also is more Protein rich.

The main thing is to be proud of yourself for what you have been doing and the changes you are trying to make.

As for a personal trainer I would also say, you really, really don't need one. You ARE capable of doing this yourself.

You had to put in so much of your own effort and dedication before, to make any advice and changes to your life actually work.

You are capable of that last little 1-5%, that someone helped you with before.

You're capable of being a businesswoman and you have helped to bring up two great children.

You have so many wonderful human skills and qualities and if you can believe in yourself, as much as others do, including people like me, you can achieve this by yourself for now.

I know it must be hard sometimes, to imagine yourself being so empowered and totally confident in it all, but I know deep down and believe 10,000%, that you're that person. To me, saying something for the sake of saying it, is not fair to you, so anything I do say is 100% meant.

It's all a question of how much you really believe in yourself and how much you're willing to overcome any fears and be a little bit stronger, in being able to overcome any fears or anxieties about yourself.

I will as always support anything you wish to do in life, in any way you need to do it, because it's not my right to oppose anything like that, nor is it just, fair or acceptable to do that either.

So this is certainly not me trying to persuade you to change your mind, but to show you certain things you might not have considered before.

You're an amazing person, whatever happens and I hope the world gives you a few proud moments this year at least.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


gale said...

Love your new Bento box! Shelly would be proud. :)

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Great new box, I love that I pack mine all seperate in an Igloo.

I love your hair dark, you look amazing!

Sam said...

Wow, what an inspiration you are. I shall come and visit often. Just happened upon your terrific blog and thought I'd stop for a good read. I am now your loyal follower. One day when time allows, come and see mine. I'd be honored to have you as a follower too., Keri (a.k.a. Sam)

Anonymous said...

三分之一的人生,可以決定另外三分之二的人生!!共勉哦! ....................................................

Anonymous said...

有深道,要慢慢感受~~^^ 加油........................................