Friday, January 1, 2010

Daily Goals

96-128 ounces of water Done I had 128 ounces today
- 5 serving of fruits and vegetables (2 fruits, 3 vegetables) Done, I had 3 fruits and 3 vegetables
- 30 grams of fiber Done I had 55g of fiber today
- Lower body workout Done
- 1600- 1800 calories- journal all my food Done 1,660 calories today

It great to see the progress I made today. Tomorrow I will have the same goals but I will be doing upper body and cardio tomorrow.

I also went over to LA Fitness today and look at the gym. I was very disappointed with my gym today and this may be a nice change for me. I have a free session tomorrow but it looks like I will be making the shift to the new gym. I am excited about all the wonderful things they offer there. mmm.. spinning class, yoga, pool, sauna. I was a little unsure if we could swing it with our financial situation but I talked about it with my husband and he was so supportive and helped me look at making the decision.

Tomorrow morning I will go over to my current gym do my cardio session and give them my written cancellation letter.

I think 2010 is already looking up!


Brit-Man said...

GOOD LUCK. I have every belief in you.

:-) :-).


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi,
Just wanted to wish you the best for the New Year!