Monday, October 19, 2009


I just wanted to write and thanks everyone who made a comment to my last blog entry. It touched me deeply and I wanted you all to know that.
Yesterday was a good day in the eating front and I wrote down meals for the whole week this include all six meals each day. I think this will help me stay focused and no wondering what I am going to eat.
I am trying to keep cost down in our grocery bill and was worried that I would not be able to continue eating on my plan. I was pleasantly surprised when I went with a pad of paper and a pencil and wrote down everything there was available. I think we tend to think we don't have enough and this is probably why I way over spend at the grocery store. There is plenty to eat this week and I have a sense of peace around that. Thanks to Kim for always being there to support me. Not sure what I will do once I am done working with her in November but I am going to treasure all the time I have left.
It is Monday and it is chest and back day today. I love lifting weights but the cardio well that is another story. I am just dreading it. But I keep telling myself that it is only 35 minutes and then it is done. So I will go prepare my preworkout smoothie and head to the gym.
Thanks again to everyone for all your wonderful comments.


Trainer T.s Fitness said...

I did not get to your other blog, sorry I was out of town.

Keep up the great work, and pre-planning!

Sometimes its hard to get to the workout but once you get started BAM your all in.

Your amazing!

Linda said...

I plan most of my meals for the week too. It's easier to shop and to stay on track. You are doing so great and you look amazing.

I've learned that for me it will never be perfect but I think that taking care of yourself is more important overall (in the big picture), like you are doing than a few cheats here and there. I'm finding that I do more "right" things in a week's time than other things (I won't call then wrong) that are not on my plan. I often focus on the bad versus the good and it's too draining. Be proud of yourself!