Sunday, April 4, 2010

Progress Photos

I thought I would post a some pictures. The very top picture was taken before I started with my new trainer 7 weeks ago. Bottom picture was taken yesterday. I am definately seeing some changes in the upper body. Lower body I still have work to do but I think there may be some slight changes.
I weighed when I started at 161 and yesterday I weighed in at 150 so I have lost 11 pounds in almost eight weeks.
I forwarded the pictures to my trainer and am eager to get his feedback. I asked him to help me set goal weight and at what weight did he feel my legs may begin to smooth out and tighten. I will definately return to let everyone know what he had to say.
Today is Easter and it will be a quiet one. No little ones running around looking for Easter eggs or baskets. My son decided not to come home and we picked up my daughter yesterday but she will be returning today.
Hope everyone has a great Easter! I will return with my feedback when I get it. Now I am off to eat my Oatmeal and egg whites!!


Brit-Man said...

You're doing brilliantly, keep up the hard work.

:-) :-).


Debi said...

Great job Kathi!!!

Nancyb. said...

Awesome job Kathi!! I see the difference in the upper
body and your midsection. The lowerbody will take some time but man you look great in such a short period of time. Hard work is paying off!!!

Thank-you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're liking the program! It's so nice to have every laid out for you :)

Great progress!!